Team Assessments

Team Assessments

Teams can function in many different ways depending on the relationships and interactions between the members of the team.  What makes the team strong is their ability to speak to one another from a place a trust and respect to achieve the highest results for your immediate work area and the organization as a whole.

As part of this program, the functionality of your team will be assessed with the tools that have been developed in support of the book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by author Patrick Lencioni.  Each member of your team will receive a copy of the book, along with a questionnaire to be completed.  Results will be compiled and a report back to the team will be provided to determine areas if strength and areas that need some attention.  Where the program from there will be based on your needs and desired outcomes.

The program can be custom designed to suit the needs and desires of your team.

Programs can include:

  • Hard copy of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by author Patrick Lencioni for each member of your team.
  • Full assessment of your team in relation to the Five Dysfunctions Model.
  • Presentation and full report back to the team on the findings.
  • Workshops to develop a team approach to address issues or concerns.
  • Individual Coaching for all members of the team.
  • Follow-up assessment to identify improvements and areas for continued focus.

“Don’t aspire to be the best ON the team; Aspire to be the best FOR the team!” 

~ Unknown