Finding Your True Authentic Self

Finding Your True Authentic Self

To be your true authentic self, is to live your life for you, as you and not live the life that others think you should live.  All too often in life, we lose ourselves in our partnership with our significant other, as a parent, as an employee, the list goes on and on.  It is when you become so absorbed in what others need from you that you lose who you truly are.  When you are able to let go of what is weighing you down and stop trying to live for everyone else and learn to live for yourself is where you will find your true happiness and your true authentic self.

Through this 12 week program, you will complete a detailed questionnaire to help you identify the areas in your life that are weighing you down the most and together we will customize your twelve week program to find your areas of focus.  During the 12 weeks, you will be provided with:

  • Reading material, video and/or audio clips that relate to the topic for the week, to provide you with perspective and get your mind flowing.
  • A weekly exercise that challenges you to reflect on who you want to be for you and how you show up for others.
  • Daily exercises that reinforces your topic for the week and encourages you to start making changes towards being your true authentic self.
  • Two audio downloads to be used through meditation, at bedtime or during a time of rest that relate to two of your chosen topics.
  • A weekly 45-minute coaching session, to focus on YOU!
  • Additional weeks can be added, you are in control of finding YOU!

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.”

Brene Brown


“I have been very fortunate to receive coaching & support strategies for the last 7 months from Jodie.  She has been instrumental in helping me discover different strategies that have improved my understanding about my own perceptions, pressure points, & triggers.  This has allowed me to reframe the biases that I had, which has resulted in me making significant improvements in my relationships with colleagues, family and ultimately, how I see myself.  Jodie has a wonderful presence and energy that makes one feel at ease. I would highly recommend Jodie to anyone who is looking for personal or professional coaching, as she has helped me make positive changes in many different aspects of my life!”

~Andy S.