Individual Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Individual Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

Strategic plans are not just for business, these can also be a useful tool for you to set plans and goals for your life.  Your individual strategic planning and goal setting program will utilize an assessment model to help you determine what direction you would like to focus your individual strategic plan on, what goals you would like to achieve and what measures you will use to determine your successes along the way.

In this process you will also complete:

  • A questionnaire to determine what areas of your life are weighing the heaviest on you and causing you the most amounts of stress.
  • 1 or 2 assessments that self evaluate your strengths, leadership, or emotional intelligence
  • Coaching and planning session to assist in the development of your plan
  • Follow up coaching sessions to measure progress.

Together, we will review the results of your assessment(s) and questionnaire and build an action plan that you will be motivated and committed to achieving to help launch you forward and assist you in finding balance in your life.

“To win the fight, you’ve got to have the right strategy and the right resources, because victories don’t come by accident”

 ~ Miss Clara